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Career Evaluation and Transition

May 27th, 2010 by Markus Lefkovits

Adults with ADHD are an interesting bunch. You generally thrive on high-stimulus environments, function at the speed of light… then crash. You’re intensely creative, yet can be too interested in the world to focus in on details or just one thing at a time. Many adults with ADHD are simultaneously perfectionists and procrastinators. Deadlines can seem scary and can easily be avoided at all costs.

All this can lead to frustration in the workplace. The trick is to find the right career path that enables you to use your strengths to flourish. Coaching can help you discover strategies and techniques to organize your day, reach deadlines, manage your time, etc. — but if you’re in essentially the “wrong” field, how effective will you be?

When you work with me on your own Career Evaluation and Transition:

• We begin with interest surveys and interviews about what you enjoy.

• We explore the environments and activities that make you happy.

• We define what your essential “temperament” is.

• And we work to identify your core values.

Without a clear understanding of your temperament and values, it’s impossible to measure the Goodness of Fit of any particular job or position. But once we know that, we can match goals that are consistent with your values to your career exploration and help determine the types of positions where you may really excel.

Resources: Give these a read and then give me a call to discuss anything related to your career and ADHD!

In John MacKenzie’s “Adult ADHD Personal Finance and Business Blog”, he lists these three articles as articles for ADHD adults looking for career advice. I am re-printing the links here with thanks to John. I hope you find them resourceful and illuminating.

Top Ten ADHD Traps in the Workplace (ADD Resources)

Job Layoffs: How ADHD Adults Can Avoid the Cut (ADDitude Magazine)

Acing the Job Interview: Career Advice for ADD Adults (ADDitude Magazine)

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